Howdy :flushed:


Hiya! Welcome!

Dannie | 21 | they/them | white | polyam nonbinary lesbian

Hi! Thanks for checking out my page! This doesn't look like much now, but eventually it'll be quite fancy (hopefully)

To-do list

  • Complete the HTML and CSS for the main content window
  • Get a background image
  • Add a header with links
  • Add a sidebar with even more links, maybe an image or smth
  • Add an about page
  • Add an interests page
  • Add a byf/dni page
  • kins/cc page
  • Add a page with links to other social medias
  • Commission info
  • Art showcase(?)
  • Friends page
  • Add javascript to make it so the header buttons can be hovered over, showing the links that would be seen on the sidebar